[singlepic id=7 w=320 h=240 float=right]We utilize a variety of products and services to create solutions.  Our philosophy is to find manufacturers that offer products that fit our needs and our core values.  There are many products available, but it is difficult to determine what works and who will be in business tomorrow. We carefully select our core vendors and then fully train our staff to effectively utilize their products.  This commitment involves proper application and installation training.  In addition, we purchase a supply of spare parts to limit system down time.

Any product you purchase will eventually fail.  To reduce downtime, we stock replacement parts and systems.  We suggest that you utilize some level of preventative maintenance and testing to detect premature failure since you can typically see worn or soon–to-fail mechanical parts.

In looking at vendor partners we prefer to work with California and American-based companies with manufacturing facilities in the USA.  American companies design the best security products in the world.  Some of these manufacturers send the designs overseas to have them fabricated, so they make more profit.  We believe this impacts American jobs so we chose to support USA manufactured products first.