What We Do

As was learned in the 1400’s by constructing Castles with motes and draw bridges, a secure perimeter is your first line of protection and defense.

We are a specialty security contractor that provides entry control and industrial security solutions.  Our systems help residential homeowners to commercial, educational and local, state and federal organizations. Using a common sense approach, we analyze your needs and make recommendations based upon risk, cost and objective.

We are fully licensed for the services we offer.  We are a licensed California Contractor that has C10 Electrical, C-7 Low Voltage and C-61/D28 Automatic Door, Gates and Activated devices licenses.  We are also a licensing security alarm company regulated by the Bureau of Security and Investigated Services. We comply with local Fire Codes, Building Codes and Prevailing Wage and Certified Payroll requirements. Our technicians are certified in the products we install and service.  This includes the gate installers and electronic system technicians who are required to be certified by our manufacturers so you know they experts in these areas. We invest in professionals so we can stay “on top” of the changing technologies in Security and Communication Network Protocols.  Our experiences Sales staff helps guide you through the system design concept phase and selecting the correct products and services to achieve your goals.  It’s critical that we understand your motivation so we can design a solution that matches your objectives.

Entry Control and Electronic Security

We are your first Line of defense. We help keep the bad out and the good safe.

We protect the protectors.

CHP-Stations throughout Northern California, Oakland Police Dept. HQ, Twin Cities Police Dept. HQ, San Anselmo Police Dept., U.S. Coast Guard-Station Yerba Buena Island, U.S. Coast Guard Station-Sausalito, U.S. Coast Guard Station-SF Air-Group SFO, Travis AFB and Beal AFB.

 We protect you today and you don’t even know it.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco International Airport, Oakland Airport, Charles M. Shultz, Sonoma County Airport, US Federal Buildings in San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento.

We are a complete technology company.

We use all types of communication products in our systems. Starting with a P.O.T.s (plain old telephone service) to network connectivity using the Web for remote access.  Give us a few minutes to demonstrate what you can see and do on a smart phone and you understand that we can take you into the future successfully.