About Us

Started in July of 1980, Electronic Innovations, Inc. has evolved into an Industry leader in entry control and industrial security.  Blending the use of automatic gates, security fencing, cameras, card readers/digital codes and visitor entry control we can provide a solution to help keep you and your company secure. Started by Eric Bledsoe, Electronic Innovations is a unique, family-owned and managed company.

Core Values:

  • Green Company philosophy
  • Do it once/Do it right expectation
  • Commitment to providing employees with benefits, livable wages and continuing education opportunities.

 30 years commitment to providing Entry Control and Electronic Security.

We are not like the “Johnny- come- lately” companies with no prior experience who entered the business after 9-11 or expanded their product offerings to provide Entry Control and Industrial Security as a way to create more business opportunity.  All our customers benefit from our extensive experience.

We are a green company.

All of our electronic waste, scrap wire, steel and other building debris such as asphalt and concrete is properly recycled.  We never wash our saw cut slurry into storm drains, but instead vacuum it up and properly dispose of the material to protect our local streams and waterways.

 Our employees are thoroughly screened and have active security clearances.

Due to the sensitive nature of our work, our staff goes through pre-employment drug screening and random drug tests. Our people have security clearances that are renewed on a annual basis, so you don’t even have to wonder “are these Technicians really Security Technicians.